Features of MadMartian Mod

There are many features of MadMartian Mod, too many to list here, but here are some of the key highlights, with pictures!

  1. New Ores
  2. Overall Decor
  3. Environment
  4. Crops & Food
  5. Redstone & Machines
  6. Combat & Equipment
  7. Miscellany

New Ores

New metallic ores and minerals for crafting new tools and machines or for decorative blocks

Shown: molybdenumite, rhenium, galena, malachite, cassiterite, microcline, orthoclase, bauxite, rubies, and sapphires

Nether Ore

One ore in particular grows in the nether

Shown: wurtzite stalagmites and stalactites


Overall Decor


Plenty of decorative stone constructions including micro-blocks

Shown: oriental lanterns & stands; gold, emerald, diamond, lapis and bauxite stair and slab blocks; malachite, amazonite, moonstone, diorite, andesite and granite walls, blocks and microblocks


There are several variants of bricks that can be crafted

Shown: Orange, blue, green, yellow & white bricks


Sofas aren't a unique feature of the mod, but using wool microblocks you can create and style sofas in many ways

Shown: orange, red and teal wool slabs & microblocks


Several different forms of light-sources are new in the mod, most notably lanterns.

Shown: bronze & oriental lanterns, light-emitting diode

Overall Microblocks

Microblocks can be made from most materials including some unconventional ones such as wool, glass, glowstone and log

Shown: glass, dark-oak, stained blue glass, and glowstone microblocks as well as plain and blue glass macroblocks


Store food in any of 15 different colors of clay plates.

Shown: teal clay plate containing an apple, pumpkin pie, and tomato & steak sandwich; green clay plate containing apple pie and lettuce; pink clay plate containing a tomato and a bowl of alpha stew


Tall Birch, Oak and Spruce

Existing oak, birch and spruce trees can grow bigger and more realistic

Shown: Birch and regular forests

Specialty Trees

Sakura (cherry-blossom) trees are a rare birch-biome tree originally from Japan and Avocado trees bear fruit that can be used in food production. Apples sometimes grow on existing oak trees.

Shown: Sakura & Avocado trees, apples growing on an oak tree

Mud & Quicksand

'nuff said

Shown: yellow quicksand, orange quicksand, mud

Crops & Food


A number of new crops were introduced, some for cooking food, some for potions, and one in particular is just a bizarre abomination from the nether.

Shown: Tomatos, herbs, lettuce, flax and an asepnite barb (brightness enhanced for visibility)

Cooking Pot

Ever wanted to throw everything in a pot and have it spit out ready-made meals? that's what the cooking pot is for. This advanced multi-purpose pot concurrently prepares meals from ingredients inside it employing a sophisticated and efficient heuristic algorithm for determination of recipes. Didn't understand any of that? it's basically a fancy way of saying "it can read your mind!"

Shown: cooking pot filled with water over a fire burning netherrack that contains the following ingredients: pork, beef, fish, potatoes, carrots herbs, sugar, empty bowls, ready-made bowls of flax tea

Redstone & Machines

Advanced Redstone

Many new redstone devices were added to help make a Turing-complete experience a little smoother without replacing it with dumbed-down turnkey black boxes.

Shown: silver 4-button assembly; shielded modulator, demodulator, couplings, splitter, wire; comparator with dim redstone torch & redstone ember; redstone demultiplexer & clinamen amplifier (randomizer)

Measuring Redstone

The Ruddimeter was introduced to make it easy to read the precise signal strength of redstone at an exact position.

Shown: Held ruddimeter, redstone booster, redstone ember, dim redstone torch

The Elevator Lift

A Victorian-style elevator that can carry players, mobs, players riding mobs, and items up and down. A masterful redstone engineer can enjoy designing a fully-controllable lift servicing up to 7 floors.

Shown: lift engine, wooden axle, steam turbine, iron piping, lapis blocks, polished diorite, ferrobronze shaft, a pig, dropped sapphires and rubies, a dark-oak lift platform, a redstone torch


Some improvements were made to railway including some redstone-specific enhancements. One such railway improvement was a minecart equipped with a lever / switch that can be used to trigger a redstone signal from certain railway tiles when activated.

Shown: Deceleration railway tile, minecart equipped with a lever, trigger rail tiles, regular redstone torch, mounted minecart equipped with a lever

Machine Shop & Smelting

Many machines are available that do not depend upon redstone power in order to function, some are necessary for various mod features.

Shown: Wooden axles & gear boxes, millstone, saw bench, iron piping, steam turbine, hydraulic press, refractory furnace, alloying kiln; steam turbines connected to iron piping and wooden axles; boiler connected to bauxite, copper and iron pipes

Combat & Equipment


Copper, bronze and a top-tier armor set was introduced as well as a utility backpack for extra carrying capacity

Shown: copper, bronze, and dark steel armor wielding a copper pickaxe, bronze axe or obsidian sword respectively; a blue-dyed backpack


Ruby Lightning Sword

In addition to the new material weapons, the ruby lightning sword brings a highly effective AoE (area of effect) ranged attack to the table paired with a regular melee attack.

Shown: Zombies attacking each other with the ranged attack of the ruby lightning sword, second-person perspective view of ruby lightning sword charging-up and preparing to fire, fires caused by firing ruby lightning sword from first-person perspective

Orb Staff

For those who love long-ranged precision weapons the orb staff is for you! The orb staff fires a powerful orb that does heavy damage to distant targets. It also has a reflection shield for repelling projectiles.

Shown: Mounted skeleton warriors being attacked by orbs fired by a player, player surrounded by orb staff's reflection shield while it is pumelled with arrows


A new potion was introduced specifically for crowd control of mobs, it can be very effective (provided you don't splash yourself with it).

Shown: Mobs attacking each other under the potion effect of inebriation


Galactic Radio Tuner

Given some pre-configured Internet radio stations (supporting SHOUTCAST or playlist format), play music directly in-game for you and your friends the same way a juke-box works, but instead of using discs you use tuning crystals.

Shown: A playing radio & a tuning crystal (in-hand)


When you die, your belongings are conveniently stored in a tombstone that you (and only you) can redeem at your convenience.

Shown: diorite, stone, andesite, and granite tombstones

Nicer Piston Doors

Metallic bars did not work properly with pistons in Vanilla Minecraft, this has been fixed

Shown: copper, bronze, silver & ferro-bronze bars correctly attached to pistons; two redstone torches; pistons, silver blocks