Our Server - Gauss

Our server is named Gauss after the German mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss for his inspirational work in geophysics. We believe our server is solid and reliable having been in steady operation for nearly ten years now. The gauss.extollit.com server was created off of the main extollit.com server which has been online for almost 20 years. In other words, short of international war, climate collapse, interstallar gamma radiation bursts, or asteroid impacts, our server isn't going anywhere and neither is your land-claim in Minecraft.

Our server host name is gauss.extollit.com, and it is available from the multi-player servers view in the Mad Martian Mod pack.

  1. Land Claims
  2. Gameplay Rules
  3. Theme
  4. Features
  5. Moderators
  6. Discord / Mumble
  7. Offense Prodecure and Policy
  8. Ready to Play?

Land Claims

The primary purpose of a land-claim is to help players understand what land belongs to which players. It also guarantees that other players will not disturb or intrude on your land without your consent.

Long-term residence on this server requires a land-claim and certificate from Vonkepps, please ask for one when you are ready to declare a permanent settlement for yourself. A good time to get your land-claim is after you've played for about a month or two. Upon request a land-claim will be drawn-up which officially protects certain regions you have chosen under your exclusive owernship. A copy of this land-claim is kept by the king and by you in the form of a signed book. All users are expected to respect land-claims, and as such, your own land-claim guarantees that others will respect your settlement.

NOTE: Users are entitled to only one land-claim due to limited space and resources on our server (this stuff costs money). Be advised that any constructions that do not fall within your landclaim may be deleted to conserve server resources, but only as a last resort. Most often buildings that players create outside of land-claims are left alone, but for guaranteed security it is best to build inside your land-claim.

Gameplay Rules

Below are the rules that all players must follow regardless of being a moderator or not. It's not necessary to memorize these rules, moderators will let you know if something needs your attention, we are patient, and we are here to help.


All players with a land-claim must have a clearly visible mailbox along the border of their land-claim near a public road. Some mailbox systems have an automated delivery system that transfers mail items from the mailbox to the private residence of the owner, but this is not necessary, bare minimum requirements for a mailbox invove a chest and a sign indicating that it is the mailbox for the individual.


The golden rule applies here. Simply, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. In other words, if it is something you would not want someone else to do to you, don't do it to anyone else. The exception is within PvP zones, within these zones the normal rules do not apply. This includes things such as (but not limited to):

  1. Do not alter any blocks or attack any farmyard animals within someone else's landclaim without their permission either directly or indirectly
  2. Do not intentionally attack someone else's pets without their permission (self-defense is the only exception)
  3. Do not use TNT to harm others, destroy others' property, pets, possessions, structures
  4. Do not dig-out blocks beneath others to cause players or their pets to fall to their death, or to displace player constructions or posessions.
  5. Do not take from any chest items that fall within someone else's land-claim
  6. Do not take any minerals from any caverns that fall within someone else's land-claim
  7. Do not indirectly participate in the death of another player (e.g. helping mobs harm another player)
  8. Do not build or occupy areas within 200 blocks (taxi-cab distance) of another land-claim

PvP Zones

Our server employs a specialized security system known as SIACA, this allows us to designate certain zones for PvP and others for PvE (among other things). It is only possible to engage in PvP inside a PvP zone, attacking another player outside a PvP zone has no effect on them. Inside PvP zones the normal rules of conduct do not apply and virtually anything goes. Ask a moderator for more information on PvP zones.


Aesthetically pleasing constructs are a priority on our server, and unfortunately exploits, while useful, tend to harm the visual appearance of our world. As such, we have to ban certain exploits in order to preserve the appearance of our world.

Use of the following exploits on this server are not permitted. If you are unsure, always ask first before you build:

  1. Mob Insulation - Do not place torches outdoors and above ground more than 50 blocks away (taxi-cab distance) from any of your constructions.
  2. Defying Gravity - All structures and pathways that are elevated must have supporting pillars beneath them every 15 blocks or less (no sky-bridges!)
  3. Iron Golem Farms - Do not exploit villagers to create automated automated iron ingot farming mechanisms from golems
  4. Frozen Jungles - A jungle tree may not be planted fewer than 200 blocks away (taxi-cab distance) from another jungle tree unless inside of a jungle biome.
  5. Over 9000 - Do not create and/or use any items using command blocks without permission from Vonkepps
  6. Boredom Mod - Creative mode is strictly reserved for moderators under very rare and special circumstances


This is a thematic Minecraft server, in a nutshell the theme of this server is medieval Germanic / Victorian. Creative content should conform to the server theme in some objective fashion especially in and around the royal castle on the main continent. If you have a construction idea that may not conform to the theme, ask about it and we can find a suitable place on the map to accomodate you.


Our server offers a wide range of sites and modded content to explore and build with. Our very-own bard / game master TheVegen (Kevin) is responsible for creating in-game mini-games from command-blocks and other custom RPG content.

The Trading Port

A unique feature of our server is the trading port. Think of it like a mall where you can buy just about every kind of item in Minecraft using coins. You can get coins by either trading certain metals for coins or killing zombies, skeletons and witches for copper, silver, and gold coins (respectively).

The trading port is located at coordinates 0 by 0. When you first join the server, that is due north. Simply follow the road north to arrive at the Trading Port.


Some mods automatically and procedurally generate dungeons using random algorithms. Our philosophy is that procedurally generated content such as dungeons is a very bad idea, most of them end-up being very predictable, boring, dull and one-dimensional in fun-factor. All dungeons on our server are hand-made. Below is a list of just the most significant dungeons, although there are several other rather unique encounters in our world.

Dungeon Name Description
Castle Ruins Located west of the royal castle just south of the giant tree. This is fiercly guarded by heavily armed skeletons that can shoot a cow across a lake their bows are so strong. It doesn't appear to be a dungeon because there is no visible entrance, or at least none has been discovered yet nor anyone survived long enough to get inside alive.
Pirate Lair In a sunken pirate ship just next to the Trading Port, pirates plot their next adventures. This dungeon is fun to explore being shaped like an upside down ship at the bottom of the ocean. Even if you do not explore this dungeon directly, once in a blue moon these pirates collude and plan random skirmishes in key places throughout the world.
Rumpelstilskin's Tower North of the Waystone Inn on the road to Border Camp is a high tower that is guarded by witches. The steps are very rickety and many people have fallen to their deaths in the pool of lava below because of stairs that gave way. Once you reach the top, Rumpelstilskin will sell you his unique wares in exchange for some odd ingredients.

Quests and Mini-games

The latest addition to our server are the quests, which will become even more interesting and relevant with future modding efforts. All quests are optional.

Tzevee's Rotten Flesh Game

Tzevee's son has been taken by the zombie horde and he vows to fight back! If you bring rotten flesh to him and avenge his son, he will give you life in exchange for death after you cleanse yourself in the Aish Akanah hot springs.

Super Duper Computer Calculation Engine Powered Jumping Puzzle

This is a jumping puzzle powered by chickens. I'm not joking, chickens make this thing interesting. Anyway, enough of that silliness, just west of the royal castle you can find a jumping puzzle that can take anywhere between 2 minutes and 2 hours to complete depending on your level of determination. The rewards are rich, very rich in-fact, because every time you get past the half-way mark, and fail, and try again, the reward should you then succeed will be even greater.

Kvoth's Inn

Every now and then the inn suffers an arachnid problem, apparently they like bad music.


See if you can master this tower with crumbling stairs, it's a bit of a challenge, especially when the witches come out and try to knock you into the lava below. If you make it, Rumpel may have something for you.


The current moderators are listed below:

  • Vonkepps - King
  • IndianWells - Glowstone City Mayor

Discord / Mumble

Like voice chat? we run a Discord server and Mumble server on gauss. Please ask if you need help getting setup.


This is where we spend most of our time these days, just click the link below to get started:

Invitation link to Discord


We don't really use this anymore, but in-case (for some reason) Discord is unavailable we will be on our private Mumble server. Mumble can be downloaded from here: http://www.mumble.com/mumble-download.php

64738 (the default)

Offense Prodecure and Policy

We understand that rules can be hard to remember and to follow, so don't worry if you are confused or misunderstand something, just ask for help and a moderator or a friend will gladly help you. This offense policy applies to individuals who are deliberately trying to cause problems and refuse to cooperate.

If a player commits an offense the player will be given an official warning from a moderator. Moderators may kick a player for any reason whatsoever and moderators may ban players for up to a maximum of one hour. If you believe a moderator is mistreating you or abusing their privileges, please notify Vonkepps immediately.

Serious misconduct is rare, however we must account for it in case we have a problem with an individual. Serious misconduct is considered committing the same offense more than twice. Vonkepps himself is the only one authorized to take action against such individuals under those circumstances and is documented in the table below:

Third offense Banned for one week
Fourth offense Banned for one month
Fifth offense Banned permanently

This seems like a rather lax policy, however, when and if a player commits the final offense and is banned permanently, all creations of the five-time offender will be deleted from the server forever.

Any and all offense rulings may be appealed and even reset to zero (clean slate). As said before, this offense policy only applies to willful misconduct and not accidental.

Ready to Play?

  1. Email support@extollit.com introducing yourself and request white-list access to the server. We will create a username for you on this site so that you can access downloads.
  2. Head on over to Downloads and download the launcher.