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9.5.9 - Orange

  • Various path-finding performance improvements
  • Nerfed speed boosts from apple pie, emerald rings, and agility
  • Included Skrubnubyeet's new cleaver art work

9.5.5 - Orange

  • Fixed Halloween radio stations
  • Found and fixed a tile-entity network synchronization bug
  • Introduced some new specialty Halloween mobs


Villagers were overdue for some changes, one of the more exciting changes is a new musician villager! We also added a new decorative block called slag glass.

9.5.2 - Orange

  • Splash potions throw further and splash wider
  • Regeneration potion is more powerful and effective
  • Generic villager now spawns and exchange-related trades have been moved to him
  • New musician villager merchant
  • Villager trades have been given an overhaul (all Vanilla trades removed)
  • Make fancy-looking and semi-transparent (translucent) glass from slag!


Nether portal behavior has changed significantly including more activation rules, random mob spawning, and shape variety. See below for details!

9.4.15 - Orange

  • Fenced movement feature updates more frequently now (causes it's host to move back inside it's fence sooner)
  • Sharks, Piranhas and Anglers use new path-finding algorithm when attacking making them much more aggressive, they will even jump out of the water to get you!
  • Birds can fly now, and they tend to nest in trees
  • Sharks and Piranhas attack mobs and villagers now as well as players and animals (and fish)
  • Fixed tendency for wandering mobs to migrate to the north-west
  • Fixed some mobs not path-finding (or very slowly)
  • Inebriation is more effective and works on zombie pigmen
  • Various significant improvements to the path-finding engine
  • Revised the ingredient quantities of darksteel ingot alloying recipe slightly

9.4.6 - Orange

  • Various minor improvements to path-finding (Hydrazine)
  • Nether portals can no longer be activated near the surface, they must be activated deep under ground
  • There is a special flint & steel item that you can craft that will allow you to activate nether portals anywhere in the overworld (not just deep underground)
  • Nether portals can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes now
  • All sorts of Nether mobs now spawn at Nether portals in the overworld (not just Zombie pigmen)
  • JourneyMap is now an optional mod
  • Fixed a path-finding bug that would result in pets teleporting into refractory furnaces (active or otherwise)
  • Fixed a pet follow AI bug that sometimes prevented pets from teleporting to their owners


The darksteel golem has been introduced, they are tough and hit hard! much more than the bronze golem.

9.3.3 - Orange

  • Tombstones have more storage space now (i.e. room for your jewelry)
  • Mobs should no longer try to path into chests (and get stuck)
  • Fixed a minor bug loading chunks with pipeline gauges in them
  • Many new changes to the economy trades
  • Ruddimeter has numeric markings on it for better clarity
  • Redstone repeater recipe uses stone slabs instead of stone blocks now
  • Alloying kiln has been given an update, new icon indicators and slag production behavior
  • Introduced Darksteel Golems and made this golem (and the bronze golem) armor rating based on their metal quality
  • Mob armaments are more varried particularly among Nightmare Creatures mobs
  • Corrected the quern recipe for lapis lazuli dust (the input/output quantities were wrong)


A few new network pipeline features were added in this version, also valves and boilers have changed behavior, details to follow...

9.2.3 - Orange

  • Found another bug causing the server to spawn mobs out of control
  • Increased lapis lazuli world generation including being hosted by marble
  • Blacksmiths now sell lapis lazuli
  • Introduced copper, iron and bauxite emergency graph release valves
  • Introduced copper, iron and bauxite network pipeline gauges
  • Steam turbines should no longer draw power from boilers fed with only water
  • Pressure resistance of boilers reduced (a lot, be careful)
  • IMPORTANT: Valves no longer open/close 100%/0%, instead the flow is proportional to the redstone signal strength supplied to the valve. Check all your valves to make sure they receive 100% redstone signal strength otherwise your boilers could explode!
  • Solved an occasional run-away mob spawning bug that would cause the server to overload with thousands of mobs

9.1.28 - Orange

  • Deer horn can now be sold to butcher villagers
  • Mobs were spawning a bit too far away
  • Reduced marble generation
  • Replaced Vanilla "follow owner" AI (for pets) with a Hydrazine Boost variant that is safer
  • Introduce code to track and signal an event in the case of the ongoing issue of runaway mob spawning
  • Recipe to make use of dirty deer hide
  • Reduced rate of Archimedes Ships fuel consumption
  • Reduced spawn rate of moles when harvesting crops
  • Reduced yield of calcium carbonate from milling marble

9.1.24 - Orange

  • Introducing vertical (torch-like) shielded redstone wire coupling
  • Increase recipe yield of some shielded redstone components
  • Freezing amulets no longer activate while fire resistance potion effect is running
  • Fixed a crash caused by entities path-finding near y-level zero
  • Mushroom growth rate is increased based on how dark it is in the area
  • Jungle and Acacia trees can no longer grow outside of their original biomes
  • Fixed a memory leak related to mob spawning introduced by fixing the previous memory leak
  • Biomes 'o Plenty quicksand can be smelted into sand using the old Vanilla furnace
  • Dark oak sapling drop-rate slightly reduced while all other primary tree sapling drop-rates slightly increased
  • Value of Demonic Essence and Poisonous Spine to villagers slightly increased

9.1.20 - Orange

  • Magma cream no longer burns up in magma or other fire sources
  • Witchery seeds can be sold to farmer villagers now
  • Found and fixed a memory leak related to mob spawning, this may resolve the known-issue of spurious runaway mob spawning when the server is idle
  • Maximum creature spawn counts reduced, this is to prevent server lagging
  • Maximum Archimedes ship size significantly reduced (~2K blocks)
  • Fire charges can be colored now, see Wiki How for a guide
  • Galena ore can be placed now (no idea WHY you would do that, but whatevz)
  • Some villager trades had inaccurate asking prices
  • Fire charges no longer burn-up in fire (go figure)
  • Amulets can be sold to the merchants now (except inert)

9.1.17 - Orange

  • Fixed sandstone (both red and yellow) sanding recipes, neither were working
  • Expired villager trades will refresh after awhile now (random between 5 minutes and 2 hours)
  • Minecarts do not burn-up in lava or fire anymore
  • XP from clay brick recipes nerfed
  • Darksteel ingots and iron buckets no longer burn-up / melt in fire sources
  • Maximum Archimedes ship size increased by 50%
  • Be careful with XP Orbs (especially Bottles 'o Enchanting), you have been warned
  • Pizza! (cheese and meatlovers')
  • Villager trade exploits have been plugged, all new villager trades are now capped at a maximum of 37 trades. This is to pave the way for a better economy system in the near future that will respond to supply and demand.

9.1.11 - Orange

  • Players cannot tamper with the armor on another owner's dogs
  • Fixed server crash caused by attacking witches (regression)
  • Some enchantments on rings such as looting and thorns now apply when equipped
  • Boosted maximum creature spawns particularly horses and slimes
  • Ghost was nerfed a little too much, rectified
  • Disenchantment arrows that strip mana from targets now spawn mana orbs that can be collected by anyone
  • Removed a weird default villager trade involving end stone
  • Introducing a new currency exchange system built directly into villager trades

9.1.8 - Orange

  • Fixed sapphire and ruby mining achievements
  • Oranges now grow in the Savannah and Jungle biomes
  • Filigree rings! craft them from gold and gemstones and gain an attribute boost
  • A large variety of iron, darksteel, bauxite and gem-based items are no longer destroyed by fire or lava
  • Introduced magical amulets that offer various defenses suitable for early game survival play, but also quite useful for PvP
  • Fixed Hydrazine path-finding bug where mobs would jump endlessly at fences
  • Villagers and animals no longer take damage from cacti as this would pose too much of a hazard for villagers in desert villages
  • Villagers were not spawning properly in new worlds
  • Fixed rendering bug with some bronze lanterns being invisible
  • Tombstone inscription now indicates name of assailant (mob) if available

9.0.11 - Orange

  • Reduced ghost spawning rate and attacking rate and damage dealt
  • Modified recipe for crafting aspenized corrundum residue, yields more for fewer sapphires
  • Fixed server kick attempting to craft Latkes from Hash (these bugs are too weird)
  • Fix server kick due to nearby item drops and achievement sub-system failing to account for non-player interaction
  • Nerfed Nightmare Creatures' Fell Troop attack damage
  • Role statistics GUI was inaccessible with erroneous Olivine Script Manager message
  • Achievements was broken, also introduced new achievements for galena, aspenite, leather back packs and doggo armor
  • Reduce galena crystals drop-rate
  • Reduce silver ingot yield from refractory furnace smelting
  • Fixed minor server one-time disconnect when switching multiplayer servers
  • Netherbrick walls can be deconstructed back to raw nether bricks as with other netherbrick construction blocks
  • Super-hard Nightmare Creatures spawns reduced yet again (these are too hard!)

9.0.7 - Orange

  • Hydrazine path-finding engine updates and various glitch fixes
  • Introduced some Mad Martian Mod specific achievements, this is a rough initial cut
  • Put a Treasured Item in tombstones to pacify the ghosts
  • Additional changes to tombstones, when a player dies a tombstone will place only if the player has more than 5 items on them and if they have been alive for more than two minutes
  • Reduced clay oxide recipe yields
  • Reduced Nightmare Creatures spawn rates
  • Various improvements and bug-fixes to the Hydrazine path-finding engine

9.0.2 - Orange

  • Enumerated type constants with underscores consumed by Olivine now get converted to/from spaces. Please update all your Olivine scripts to conform to this new convention
  • Registered a large number of modded blocks, items and a few potions with Olivine
  • Introduce Archimedes Ships mod
  • SIACA temporary zone authorization was not working due to a clock synchronization bug
  • Mobs no longer try to path through window panes or metal grates (unless they're stuck inside them)
  • Olivine would not spawn mobs with a level attribute, fixed
  • Fixed a stacking glitch pouring from bronze, tin and copper buckets
  • Fenced mobs when pathing back to their recall spot would ignore their inherent path-finding rules (such as whether they can swim)
  • Many Olivine language updates:
    • Parameter names can have spaces in them (with the aid of backticks)
    • Unary not operator should have higher precedence than logical operators (i.e. "||" and "&&")
    • Parameters can be marked as required eliminating the need to deal with optional arguments
    • Introduced "identified by" operator for testing if two identifiable things share the same identity. This is useful for searching for fixtures or entities and comparing them to fix or mob passed-in arguments
  • Molybdenum ore requires an iron pickaxe to mine
  • The size of generated marble clusters was a bit excessive


We now host a public server on our site, no white-listing necessary, just hop on and start building right-away! This server should be in your servers list now, but in-case it's not the information is below

Public Server Host:


Be sure to checkout the latest and bleeding edge developments in Vonkepps' desert prototyping area in the desert due east of Vonkepps' crappy little shack on the beta server.

Visit the nether and see updates there using the portal just north of Vonkepps' crappy shack.

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