Getting Started With the Game

NOTE: OptiFine? mod doesn't play nice with the Fairy Lights mod (it also introduces a number of other glitches). Make sure OptiFine? is unselected when you run the game otherwise your client will crash. In the near future OptiFine? will be removed from MadMartian? Mod.

You can download Java 8 from Oracle Java 8 Downloads


Please make sure you have Java version 8 installed, it must be the 64-bit version as well. If you already have a newer version of Java installed then you still must install Java version 8 and there is an extra setup step involved.

Download, Install and Run

  1. Download the launcher, try the JAR first, most operating systems let you run this directly. If that does not work, and if you're on Windows, then download the Zip
  2. Run the launcher by double-clicking it, wait for it to load.

If you already have a newer version of Java installed, and if you have finished installing Java 8 alongside the newer version, then complete the following steps in the launcher:

  1. Click on Options in the lower-right area of the window
    Launcher Options Button
  2. In JVM path enter the path on your hard-drive that points to the installation directory of Java 8
    Launcher Options - JVM path
  3. Click OK


The game starts and then crashes / quits before I can get to the menu screen, now what?::

Do a Force-update by right-clicking on MadMartian? Mod in the list in the upper-left area of the window, then choose Force update, if that doesn't work then use the Hard force update option
Launcher - Force Update

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