About MadMartian Mod

Mad Martian Mod is more than just a mod, it is a mod-pack including our very own unique and feature-rich modifications. We're on Facebook and YouTube.

Be sure to visit the Features section for a rich overview of the mod's highlights with pictures!

To get started with Mad Martian Mod, visit the downloads page and download our custom launcher.

Modded Content

This is a unique modded Minecraft server. It is unique because the modder is also the server administrator. As such, if you have any problem with any of the modded content, or if you have suggestions for modded content, simply voice your concerns to Vonkepps. More than once Vonkepps has heard complaints and fixed them within a short time-frame. If you decide to join us for the long-haul, you will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas to the mod.

There are too many features to list, but here are some noteworthy gems:

  • Elevator lifts (sorry, you have to provide your own elevator music)
  • Olivine - A proprietary scripting language and interface for augmenting mini-games and adding custom quests
  • Many new decorative bricks and blocks
  • New vegetable crops and recipes
  • Cooking cauldron, millstone / quern
  • Trees that actually collapse (and can even hurt!)
  • Backpacks
  • Refractory furnace for melting down items
  • Metallic press machine for making top-tier armor
  • Saw bench for making micro-blocks
  • Belt sander for polishing stone
  • Many new redstone features
  • Darksteel armor
  • Obsidian, copper, and bronze tools
  • Ghosts that will make your hair stand on end
  • Dodge your enemies with the new dodge roll tactic
  • A powerful magical staff
  • A catastrophically dangerous (and flashy) lightning sword
  • "Fence" NBT tag for spawning mobs that will stay within a bounded region

Our philosophy is very simple: we believe that devoted players on our server also get to decide what goes into the mod.

Elevators in Minecraft? Really?

Some have expressed disbelief that it was possible to mod a proper elevator in Minecraft, and admittedly, it was very difficult to pull-off but we did it.

This is a multi-block structure that incorporates all of our modded redstone and machinery components for a super-fun challenging and new kind of build. But best of all, there is more than one way to build an elevator and you can make them as complex or as simple as you want! Check-out the video below that demonstrates using the elevator as a mob trap:

Your Mod Has its own Scripting Interface? Have you Gone Completely Mad?!??!?!!1111

Yes I am a mad scientist, deal with it. Olivine is not just an engine for scripting Minecraft, it is also a brand new kind of programming language that compiles into machine code. This means Olivine scripts run super fast (hundreds of times faster than Denizen) and are 100% secure. For tech-heads, Olivine is a functional state machine.

It's difficult to describe what Olivine can do because it can do just about anything including everything that command blocks already do. Here's a video of a custom mob (Dorkus Maximus) demonstrating this, Olivine adds four fundamental AI attacks:

  1. Teleport to a nearby player and vault them high-up in the sky causing indirect falling damage
  2. Envelope a nearby player in a snow cage that prevents you from using ranged or melee attacks
  3. Set the ground on fire in front of nearby players that try to run away
  4. Shoot a barrage of highly deadly arrows at nearby players

But what makes Dorkus Maximus truly endearing is that his primary weapon is a garden hoe.

Dorkus Maximus lives on our private white-listed server gauss, but you can get a copy of the scripts from our Olivine scripts download section and add him to your own world.

Mod Pack Mods

As part of our mod-pack we have also included the following popular mods, and we're always experimenting in the laboratory with new ones to add:

  • Biomes-o-Plenty
  • Animals+
  • Fairy Lights
  • Nightmare Creatures
  • Twilight Forest
  • Journey Map
  • Archimedes Ships
  • Lava Monsters
  • CraftGuide

Ready to Play?

Head on over to Downloads and download the launcher. If you want to play online, we have conveniently included our public open server Raqia in the mutli-player servers list for you.